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In 2001, Evelyn Snyder embarked on a life-changing journey from Cologne, Germany, to the enchanting landscapes of the Sonoran Desert near Mesa, Arizona. A multifaceted professional, she seamlessly transitioned through various administrative roles in Germany and the United States while nurturing her fervent passion for music and the stories of the Bible.

Evelyn’s artistic odyssey initially revolved around songwriting. A significant milestone arrived in 2012 when Evelyn and her husband, Bill, introduced their inaugural album, “Psalms in Song for the Nations.” This masterpiece ingeniously intertwined scriptural texts in many languages with melodious tunes, thereby resonating internationally with diverse audiences. The husband and wife collaboration continued to shine with the release of “The Light of Christmas” in 2019, an album brimming with original yuletide compositions that kindles warmth and joy. In 2020 during the COVID pandemic they recorded their most current album “Headed for a Smile”, which was published in 2021.

However, music was only the beginning of Evelyn’s creative exploits. The transition from musical notes to written words would soon mark a new chapter in her life. In 2016, she started her daily blog “Thought of the Day” which she continued with her weekly blog “Scriptures Forever.” And with that she delved headlong into the stories of the book of Genesis. A good portion of the Genesis timeline dates from late Stone Age to early Bronze Age. Evelyn‘s love for historical fiction books fueled her interest in ancient history. While conducting her research she also discovered her fascination with the women of the Bible. Ultimately her weekly blog would lead to her very first book “Genesis: The Novel.”

In this transformative work of biblical fiction, Evelyn expertly blends the tale of Adam and Eve, the Creation Story, Noah’s Ark and the story of Abraham and his children into a compelling tapestry. Her words beckon readers to traverse the corridors of time, brushing against the lives of believers from all walks of life who have left us a rich legacy.

Evelyn’s literary endeavors don’t merely reside within the pages of her book; they resonate with people intrigued by a mysterious God who has reached out to His creation time and again. Her first novel contributes to the timeless allure of Biblical Fiction Books that captivate our imagination. As she narrates Genesis, her evocative storytelling becomes an additional brushstroke on the canvas of her illustrated art. Her original oil paintings illuminate the book pages and echo biblical illustrations of bygone generations that have both inspired and encouraged people, past and present.

One of Evelyn’s early childhood memories is her grandmother telling her Grimm’s tales. She narrated these stories on a daily basis and thus wakened Evelyn’s imagination and love for storytelling. This may have triggered her passion to pass on the stories of the people of the book. Jews, Muslims and Christians share a treasure trove of God’s involvement in human history.

With “GENESIS: The Novel” Evelyn Snyder has introduced herself as a storyteller of faith, history, and humanity.