genesis: the novel

family saga of mankind

Evelyn Snyder

The Human and the Almighty: Exploring the Family Saga of Mankind

Welcome to the fascinating world of Genesis: The Novel by author Evelyn D. Snyder. Set course on a literary journey that goes beyond the boundaries of your imagination, unveiling the timeless and sacred heritage given to us by the men and women who make up the book of Genesis. Whether you find yourself standing at a crossroads or have been walking the ancient path, whether you are a curious agnostic or a seasoned believer or maybe you happen to love historical fiction books, this engaging novel will reel you in and encourage a personal facetime with God.

Bridging the Gap: From Ancient Tales to Timeless Lessons

Prepare to witness a remarkable resurrection of the age-old biblical sagas with the gripping tales of Adam and Eve, the awe-inspiring Creation Story, the epic tale of Noah’s Ark, and the complex yet fascinating family story of Abraham. With contemporary language, these ancient chronicles are brought to life. You will be compelled to dive headlong into the hearts and minds of these iconic characters and place yourself into their day and age. It does not matter in which period a person is born; essentially, we’re all humans experiencing the same highs and lows. Genesis ultimately paves the way to the book of Exodus, an odyssey that begins in the Sinai Desert and stretches beyond the confines of the Middle East and the continent of Africa. God can make big things through small steps of faith – a timeless message that we can extract from ancient tales!

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Embark on a life-changing journey through time with GENESIS: The Novel. It unearths the wisdom of the Torah with its timeless impact on humanity. A captivating account of age-old stories, this book is a masterful blend of historical fiction and biblical insight. Among other things the narrative features the creation story, Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, and Abraham and his children. Portraying the doubts, fears, and weaknesses of biblical characters makes them more relatable. This is the path to the reader identifying with their humanity and allowing them to gain hope. The book brings out the voices of women from ancient times. One of the hallmarks of this era is a predominantly male perspective. Highlighting the remarkable women of the Bible makes for a more balanced view. Beyond its engaging prose, the book introduces a fresh perspective, encouraging readers to explore the old patriarchs and their intriguing legacy, all enriched by the original oil paintings completed by the author. Key scenes of the Bible are illustrated exquisitely capturing the essence of Genesis and inspiring people to dig deeper into their faith and seek out the Lord.

A Harmonious Blend: Honoring Both Genders

Invariably, his story is also her story. In Evelyn’s narrative, the resounding male voice finds its female counterpart. The tale of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, emerges from the shadows. Evelyn’s deft touch resurrects her story, and by doing so, she pays homage to the often-overlooked. Against all odds, women have etched their indelible footprints onto the grand narrative of human history – and supported by God, they will continue to do so.

Rekindling Faith: A fresh Encounter with God

Reading through the pages of Genesis: The Novel, we take a deep dive into the adventures of faith. This Biblical fiction book unfolds a captivating portrayal of people touched by God who step out into the unknown. The delicate interplay between the human experience and the divine presence acts as a catalyst, sparking a desire for a deeper connection with the Lord.

Un-Put-Down-Able Read Where Art and Faith Converge

Evelyn’s book isn’t just a written message; her colorful illustrations and original music add more dimensions to the story. The theme song “Tides of Change” is an amazing addition to the audiobook and captures the essence of Genesis. In Genesis: The Novel, the author has achieved a remarkable fusion of historical fiction, religious exploration, and artistic expression. Whether you’re drawn to the tales of Adam and Eve, intrigued by the Creation Story, moved by Noah’s Ark, or captivated by the stories of Abraham and the women of the Bible, this novel offers something for everybody. It’s an invitation to jump on your own quest of faith, a journey of empathy, and experience of the profound connection that binds humanity together across time and space. Get ready to embark on a life-changing journey. Read this insightful and thought-provoking novel and witness the family saga of mankind as never before.

Original music, created by the author, for the audiobook
GENESIS: The Novel
Family Saga Of Mankind

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“Tides of Change” written, composed, and recorded by “Basically Two”, Bill and Evelyn Snyder. All rights reserved.

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Genesis: The Novel is an engaging literary work by author Evelyn D. Snyder that presents a reimagined version of the stories found in the Book of Genesis, breathing life into the narratives of Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Job and Abraham.

The book caters to diverse audiences, appealing to curious agnostics, devoted believers, and lovers of historical fiction books. Due to some violence and sexual content, this book is recommended for adults, categorized PG 13.

Unlike traditional accounts written from a predominantly male perspective, “Genesis: The Novel” gives both genders a voice. Through masterful prose, the author highlights the often-overlooked experiences of the women in the Bible.

The novel offers a refreshing and inspiring account of humans crossing paths with the Almighty, inviting readers to delve deeper into their faith. Through engaging storytelling, the author encourages a personal exploration of your own spirituality.

You can easily get a copy of the novel by visiting major bookstores, Amazon, and the author’s official website. Whether in print, audible or digital format, this novel is for you!